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A PR? Oh yeah!!

November 7, 2010

I ran the Rockville 5K today. I had basically no sleep last night. I have only run once a week since mid October. And I’m nursing a sore hip flexor, a strained arch, and lightly pulled hamstring — nothing that rest and cross-training can’t fix. Most people would have put off racing.

Not me. I didn’t think twice about not going to the race today, which by the way I PR’ed. Yep! I ran 5 minutes faster than my first race in June. I’m on a truly lucky streak. I ran my first 10K race in October after not much training the prior month and then bested my one 10K training time by 10 minutes. Just think what I could do if I could stay on my training schedule?!? LOL

I knew that the cold weather would bring faster times. What I forgot about was just how much cold muscles can also slow you down. My legs never warmed up. Matter of fact it’s 7 hours later I’m still chilled. Funny, I guess I’m finally acclimated to the summer heat, just in time for the fall/winter cold.

So next up is the Fleet Feet Gaithersburg to purchase some winter tights. I want to be ready for my December races and January training.

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