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Countdown to my first half marathon

May 1, 2011

Great 7.12 mile run today – counting down to the Zooma Annapolis half marathon next month. There was a ton of hills which is good since I heard there are hills on the Zooma course, but there couldn’t possibly be as many as I ran today. I had to stop several times during the run to stretch my hamstrings and hip flexors, plus I think this was the last run for these shoes. I can always tell because start feeling shin splints. Good thing I have time to break in a new pair. I kept up a good pace through the entire run except the last full mile. It was completely up hill and my legs felt like lead. Total 1:41:42 time includes a 5 minute walking warm-up, so overall I’m pleased.

I also found a new bike trail to run on that goes into the woods and then comes out into a neighborhood. Thankfully I found a cyclist to give me directions on how to get back thru the neighborhood. I’m looking forward to going back to explore it on fresh legs. It was really nice to get off of concrete sidewalks.

It was an absolutely perfect day for a run, although I hope we get some hot days this month. I don’t want to be unprepared to run in the heat in case June 5 is a hot day.

Happy running!

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