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Running, Training & Race Schedule

Some of my shoes

♪♫ These shoes were made for running ♪♫

My running, training and race schedule is a key part of part of my journey as a runner.

Click her to see my calendar:
Running, Training and Race Schedule


These are the races and events that I have done so far and have scheduled. There is more to come!

Biggest goal: run 50K in honor of my 50th birthday. I still have plenty of time to train, but there’s nothing like planning ahead!

Race Distance Date Net time Avg Pace
MCRRC Capital Crescent (my first race) 5K 6/6/10  0:43:09 13:54
Boo! Run for Life 10K 10/10/10  1:19:29  12:48
Rockville 10K/5K 5K 11/7/10  0:38:56  12:32
Jingle Bell Jog 5 miles 12/12/10  1:06:39  13:25
Race Distance Date Net time Avg Pace
Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miles 4/3/11  2:23:33  14:13
Pike’s Peek 10K 10K 4/17/11  1:23:54  13:28
Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon 6/5/11  3:20:46  15:19
Alex’s Run (**Pacer for first time racer) 5K 6/26/11  0:41:29  13:22
Hebrew Home 5K 10/16/11
MCM10K 10K 10/30/11
Rockville 5K/10K 10K 11/06/11
Jingle Bell Jog 8K 12/11/11

Training Programs

On June 22, 2011 I signed up for a Long Distance Training program thru PR Training Programs. My goal is to train for a marathon. We meet on Sundays for long runs and on Wednesdays for track workouts. My first workout is Wednesday June 29, 2011.

Happy Running!

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